Social Media and the era of fake content.

Social Media and the era of fake content.

Social networks have unleashed a new way of communication, and a new way to read the news. That’s a fact. But they have also put on scene people who only want to take advantage of its power to leak fake content just to create controversy, or even worse, to make money out of advertising.

Even though Social Networks are not that ‘new’ anymore, it has not been easy to everyone, especially people coming from a traditional newspaper where things you used to read were –mostly– true (mmm… yeah! with its exceptions) to nowadays where news and articles are being shared in your newsfeed by your friends and other sources that you immediately take as ‘reliables’ just because they are on internet or because some friend shared them.

Now, I think we already crossed the line of trust. I feel that over 40% of the news and articles I run into everyday on my social networks, are either fake or just a crappy website trying to gain followers and sell ads. But this is exactly where it becomes interesting…

The force awakens. We need to understand the responsibility we have every time we share content. We need to understand that we become part of a chain boosting either legit or nonlegit information as we share anything. We’ve been there before! As a society we already had this knowledge! We only forgot to take this knowledge to the digital world!

Regarding this picture I found on my newsfeed this morning. It was shared by a friend from an article of a page called “The Other 98%”. Yes, it’s true. Plastic is a problem for the environment. But this picture at first sight only tells me two things:

1.- They don’t print plastic containers the way they used to.
2.- This is fake because it’s IMPOSSIBLE that a piece of plastic getting salted water and sun for 40 years, still has its printing in good conditions.

When you think about the option number 2 the whole message loses power. Plastic is a problem, and I know it. But these assholes are trying to fool me!