La Golilla Movistar [by: @tin_r]

Back in 2012 I was working at ‘La Web Mercadeo Interactivo’, a digital advertising agency in Venezuela, when one day I was heading home late (as usual) and received this call from the VP Creative Director, Gustavo Méndez. We were having this meeting next day with Movistar to discuss about an idea for a promo they had, we had everything set but he came up with a new idea and decided to change all the presentation at the very last minute.

He asked me: can you compose a song ‘troubadour’ style, that is kind of funny and includes the promo information? If so I need it in the next hour. Nothing pro, just as a reference for the presentation.

I told him he was crazy. But I got home and felt inspired, so I took the uke and around 30 minutes later, he received this on his inbox.