‘Los Amigos Invisibles’ is the best Dance band I’ve ever heard.

It’s not just ’cause I’m venezuelan. Seriously, ‘Los Amigos Invisibles’ is one of the best sounds your ears will EVER hear.

‘Los Amigos Invisibles’ at their ‘Súper POP Venezuela’ show in ‘El Poliedro de Caracas’ on April 28th 2007 was one of the best shows I’ve been.

Among ‘Los Amigos Invisibles’ (José Luis Pardo, Rafael Torres, Mauricio Arcas, Armando Figueredo, Julio Briceño) there were a bunch of special guests such as: David Rondón, Evio Di Marzo, Diveana, Nelson Arrieta, Colina, Pablo Dagnino, Delia Díaz, José Luis Osuna y Vladimir Peña.

I remember I recorded this performance with my brand new ‘handy cam’ with ‘DV quality’ hehe. The quality of the video is poor, but the feeling is amazing!

Enjoy the video!