Facebook Auth using Chrome on iOS, problem solved! #NOT


Wow! I can’t believe that —after so so so many years— Chrome on iOS (or Facebook) finally decided to fix this APP login issue they had when trying to prompt an user with a JS Auth 👏👏👏.
I can’t believe this issue was unsolved for so many years! Facebook developers can now live happy without workarounds when dealing with Chrome on iOS!!!… 👏👏… Oh, wait!… 😕 Now when the auth is succeed and you try to close the pop-up window immediately to take the user back to your app, the user get stuck on a gray screen!… So now we could fix that maybe with a timeout delay workaround… Well, sorry guys, let’s wait another 10 years perhaps…

If you are looking for a good workaround, have a look Sean Shadman workaround!