Pokémon Go -> nearpokemons.com

Pokémon Go -> nearpokemons.com

Three days ago I started working on this unofficial API implementation of Pokémon Go as a hobby, and it has been really fun.

I’ve developed a Web APP where you can sign-in with your Pokémon Go credentials and discover all Pokémons around the world by exploring in a Google Maps widget.


Once you discover Pokémons, you can catch them (as long as you have pokeballs) by just clicking or tapping on them, no matter where you are.

But lately I thought this could be a terrific opportunity of developing a realtime API a business could use to receive notifications of Pokémons in their area, they could later do whatever they want with that information: tweet? FB post? slack notification? you name it!

Will keep you posted. In the meantime: https://nearpokemons.com