Martin Rafael Gonzalez

Martín Rafael González

I am
a carbon based bipeda minimalist freaka doera lego-hackera restless minda full-stack developera problem solveran amateur musician
finding his best way to live and enjoy this beautiful planet earth.


I use this space to have fun, sometimes I write and share some of my experience and knowledge about development and technology as well as results from experiments in the IoT and new technologies area. You will also find some interesting news about technology, music, art, life and a bit more.

Discover some of my work!

I love working on HTML5 with bunches of JavaScript, host on NodeJS, save data on MongoDB and if possible, run a Raspberry Pi as a server.

What I Love to do!

Fullstack Development

Being a Developer is an art that requires a lot of dedication and constant learning, and a lot more of dedication when you’re a minimalistic freak who cares about the most minimum details.


I have this terrible weakness about electronics, multiple screen experiences that makes you believe the world is full of magic. Brain storming and creating experiences involving electronics, social networks, mobile devices, and that spark of magic, is something I love.

Mobile APPs

Mobile APPs or Mobile Optimized Websites. That is the question!

Social APPs

Everybody wants apps and websites with the ability of sharing, which nowadays is more than a must.

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