Alcatel ONETOUCH® was launching one of their newest Smartphone, the Idol3 –their first device that’s ‘reversible’. They wanted to promote one of the features of their phone, which is its fantastic camera.

As a side campaign we launched in Latin America and Brasil this website called #DaleLaVuelta (spanish for ‘turn it around’) which was a photography contest where people was invited to participate by registering with one of their favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and uploading their own authentically pictures to participate for an Alcatel ONETOUCH® Idol3 and a trip around South America.

The contest was tough. The picture had to be taken by the person who uploaded it. They also had to be authentic, aesthetically beautiful, and taken from an angle that would make you wonder twice before discovering what elements composes the picture. That’s why we counted with a very strict team reviewing all picture’s submissions before appearing on the website; they would had disqualified any picture that wouldn’t meet the criteria.

In order to check that the uploaded pictures were not taken from the internet, we implemented a reverse image search with the people from TinEye that worked perfectly.

We also counted with influencers from different countries of Latin America helping us spread the word and a fantastic website that I personally built mobile-friendly –obviously, it’s the XXI century. We wanted the website to be easy to navigate, fully responsive for any device and fully shareable.

The users loved the website! And the results were amazing: we had more that 37,000 people participating in around a month and a half of contest.







People Involved

Art Direction: Lennyn Salinas
Design: María Fernanda Ponce
Fullstack Development: Martín Rafael González


Fullstack Developer