Horas Extraordinarias

Mrs. Emily Denti was diagnosed with a diverticulum paraesophageal and her life depended on a very expensive surgery. Mrs. Emily is the mother of Daniela Morales Denti an ex-colleague of mine.

Daniela did everything possible for several months to collect the large sum of money they needed for her mother’s surgery, but she didn’t have all the money when she received a call from her mother’s Doctor saying they couldn’t wait any longer than two weeks, otherwise her mother would die.

Daniela panicked and ran to her co-workers for help. She told us everything. We had the challenge of achieving 30% of the money for the surgery in less than two weeks, which we didn’t find crazy, but we didn’t have a plan and every second counted.

When you work on advertising, normally you don’t have a working time schedule, we’re always working extra hours, those who work or have worked on advertising must be familiar with what I’m saying. That same day when Daniela came to us for help, I had to stay until midnight working on a project, and as well as me, the Creative Officer of the agency, Gustavo Mendez.

At about 9PM there were Gustavo and me taking a break and talking a bit about Daniela’s situation. At that time it happened that I was painting my house, and I was explaining Gustavo that I decided to paint it myself and have some fun doing it since painters were very expensive. Then we started talking about painting houses for the next few weekends and nights in order to get the money Daniela needed (we were a team of around 60, so we found it would be a good idea). That was the trigger of the final idea. Then we thought: what if we do what we do better than anyone instead of painting houses, and we do it outside of our office hours? Web, Applications, Mobile Applications, Social Networks. We are one of the bests out there doing that!

In order to find in record time the customers we needed to achieve our goal, I talked to the president of the agency and asked him permission to place the name of the agency in this project to provide quality assurance on the work we wanted to promote. Also, to help reach the goal faster, we were giving 50% off with the only condition that they pay out in advance. The president of the agency did not hesitate to give us permission to include the name of the agency in the project.

We built this website called ”horasextraordinarias.org” (extraordinary hours) where we showed the situation of Daniela and we invited people to help with the project, either by purchasing one of our 3 packages consisting on: a Facebook application, an APP for mobile devices or a website, all with a 50% off; or making donations through a bank transfer or PayPal. We used our team help to spread the word by social media.

It took us three days to close the deals we needed to achieve our goal. Also, we received a large sum of money in donations from many others who heard about the project and wanted to help Ms. Emily and Daniela, money that would help them cover post-surgery expenses, and thank god, everything went out great!


Daniela Morales


La Web



People Involved

Design: Vanessa Martini
Idea: Gustavo Méndez & Martín Rafael González
Developer: Martín Rafael González


Idea, frontend and backend developer.


Lápiz Creativo
Social Applications