Social game to un

During the eves of the International Human Rights Day, Amnistia International decided to bring the people something to recall their human rights.

We built a multiplayer memory game, like the one we play with cards.

Users could play live by accessing the website www.hazmemoriadetusderechos.com and entering either with their Facebook or Twitter account. Once logged-in, the users could play by their own, trying to beat Amnistia, with anyone connected, or they could invite people to play.

When an user discovered a pair of cards, they earned 10 points and had the chance to play again. If an user didn’t get a match when flipping the pair of cards in their turn, then the turn passed to the other user.

It was really interesting and challenging to work on this project. Mostly doing an algorithm to play alone that wasn’t unbeatable nor easy to beat. Basically the algorithm memorizes each flipped card on a game, and makes its moves accordingly to the information it has.